Church of San Niccolò Oltrarno
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Church of San Niccolò Oltrarno
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Tourist informations
Entrance from: Via San Niccolò 48.
Opening hours: open on Holydays.
Admission ticket: Free.

The church of San Niccolò is one of the oldest in Oltrarno; is located very near to the river Arno and has been severely damaged in both the great floods (1557 and 1966).

History - In the spotlight


The church was built in 12th Century by the monks of the near church of San Miniato al Monte. After a fire in 15th Century, it was rebuilt from the inhabitants of the quarter: the noble families contributed with the side altars, which were ornated with several paintings.
In 16th Century San Niccolò was restored and enriched, with the building of new altars in Vasari-style and of the rose window on the façade.
The church was damaged during the flood of 1966: it was subsequently fully restored, and during this restoration fragments of frescoes (15th Century) were discovered on the walls.

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 In the spotlight

San Niccolò is a church with sigle nave and trestled ceiling. In the presbytery are three chapels.
Interior: near the entry are two holy-water fonts (16th Century); in the sacrysty we find a tabernacle ascribed to Michelozzo, with a lunette displaying a frescoed Madonna by Piero del Pollaiolo (1450); in the Chapel on the left of the main altar is a painting by Empoli (1608), Predication of San Giovanni Battista; in the Chapel on the right, a painting by Neri di Bicci (1463), Trinity and Saints.

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