Snapshots from Oltrarno Florentine daily life in Oltrarno's quarters of Florence
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Florence attracts millions of tourists thanks to the incredible amount of monuments and artworks characterizing the city. This high concentration of art and history is also to be found in the quarters of Oltrarno, along with another important heritage from the past of Florence: daily life.

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On the right side of the river Arno are located the most famous monuments (like the Cathedral or the Uffizi Museum), all major administrative offices, the railway station; in Oltrarno are located the biggest park of the centre, fast all artisan workshops, many little squares and lanes: in all these places the traditional daily life can still be mantained and found more easily than elsewhere in the city.


Many foreigners are really surprised to find near the Old Bridge or Piazzale Michelangelo some scenes typical for a small town: artisans working in workshops open on a street, a square with a little market or with children at play, the open gate of a palace showing an unknown garden, a small silent street with a cafe ... and many other things which let you aks yourself if you really are in a busy city with its trafic and noise.


A poet or a painter could tell you such a story of sensations and athmospheres better than a computer screen - but we will try to show these scenes throught our eyes of Florentines and foreigners who have decided to live in these streets and squares of Oltrarno.


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