Gate of San Miniato


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Where is it: at the beginning of Via San Miniato.

The uniquely-shaped Gate of San Miniato is located at the beginning of the stairway leading to the Church of San Miniato al Monte and Piazzale Michelangelo.

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The Gate of San Miniato was built in 1320 across the road leading to the hill of San miniato, where is located the famous church of San Miniato al Monte.
This Gate has an unique structure among the Gates of Florence: it had no tower, the garrison soldiers took place on a protected gallery above the door, which was demolished long time ago.
The Gate of San Miniato was fully restored in 1996; the inner side has been restored again in 2001.

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 In the spotlight

On the inner side are still to be seen the stairs once leading to the gallery and to the walls;
On the outer side on both sides of the door is a couple of coats of arms with the two symbols of the City of Florence: the Lily and the Cross.
The wooden leafs are not original, they were added after the restoration in 1996.

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