Garden of Roses
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Tourist informations
Entrance from: Via San Miniato; Viale Giuseppe Poggi.
Opening hours: May 1st to June 15th, 8AM-8PM.
Admission ticket: Free.

The Garden of Roses is located on the Hill of San miniato. It is a lesser-known, yet wonderful Garden.
Roses of many colours and species flourish here on the background of Florence.



The Garden of Roses is located on the side of the San Miniato Hill towards Viale Poggi, Via di San Salvatore and Via dei Bastioni, where the Filippini friars owned a so-called «Field of Saint Francis».
In 19th Century the owner of this field, Mr. Attilio Pucci, transformed it to a garden with many roses; the design of the Garden as we see it today is by architect Giuseppe Poggi, who after a few years made it to a part of the monumental hill including Piazzale Michelangelo.
The Garden is open to visitors since 1895, when a festival of arts and flowers was organized there. This festival proved to be very popular and was held for many years.
In 1998 a small japanese garden has been built in the Garden of Roses, thanks to the City of Kyoto and the Zen Temple of Kodai.

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In the Garden of Roses we can find about 1000 species of roses and other flowers, including 350 sorts of ancient roses.
The Garden is open only in the weeks when the most roses usually are in bloom: during the month of May and in the first weeks of June it offers a wonderful panorama of Florence in a frame of flowers - be sure to pay it a visit, if you are in Florence in this time!

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