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Tourist informations
Entrance from: Pitti Palace, Piazza Pitti 1.
Opening hours: 8,30AM-1,50PM. Closed on first and fourth Monday in the month.
Admission ticket: Euro 6. It si valid for 3 days and includes entrance to Museum of Silver, Costume Gallery, Gardens of Boboli and Bardini Garden.

The Museum of Porcelain is located on top of the hill of the Boboli Gardens and contains a wide collection of porcelain objects from the Medici, Lorraine and Savoy families.

History - In the spotlight


The objects exposed in this Museum formed once a collection included in the Museum of Silver, but in 1973 a new Museum was established in the so-called Casino del Cavaliere, a small villa built by Cosimo III in 18th Century on the upper part of Boboli.
In this building the collection has been re-arranged following geographic provenance and chronologic order of the objects.

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 In the spotlight

In this Museum are collected porcelain objects from Italy and France (Room 1), from Vienne (Room 2) and from Meissen and Berlin (Room 3). To be noted is the complete absence of gala-pottery from the famous Neapolitan manufactory of Capodimonte: the Lorraine commissioned such objects exclusively to the Florentine manufactory of Doccia. From Neaples are several precious biscuit statues.
Among the Porcelain from Sèvres are objects brought by the Savoy family from the royal palace in Parma, and objects donated by Napoleon to his sister Elisa Baciocchi duchess of Tuscany. The Porcelain from Meissen (18th Century) includes painted jugs, plates and cups; they belonged to the personal collection of Gian Gastone, the last Grand-duke of the Medici (who died in 1737).

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