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Tourist informations
Entrance from: Pitti Palace, Piazza Pitti 1.
Opening hours: 8,15AM-6,50PM. Closed on Monday.
Admission ticket: Euro 6. It si valid for 3 days and includes entrance to Museum of Porcelains, Bardini Garden, Museum of Silver and Gardens of Boboli.

The Galleryof Costume reopened recently after restoration: it shows the evolution of fashion between the 18th Century and the first two decades of 20th Century. Not only clothes are exposed in its rooms, but also accessories and underwear from different periods.

History - In the spotlight


The Gallery is located in the Pavillon of the Meridiana, built in 1776 by Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo and taking its name from the sun-dial still to be seen on the building. After long restoration works finished in 1971 the Pavillon has been used for art exhibitions until 1983, when the Costume Gallery was opened: a museum of 13 rooms containing characeristic and rare clothes from different periods, all perfectly mantained.

Only a small portion of the impressive collection of the Costume Gallery is to ben seen in its rooms: the exposed clothes change every two years, in order to preserve them and to offer a different selection to the visitors.
The collection shown in the gallery is very often completed by temporary exhibitions in the dance hall of the Meridiana.

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 In the spotlight

The rooms of the Gallery are decorated with furniture and objects reproducing the style given to this building by King Vittorio Emanuele II of Savoy when he came to Palazzo Pitti in 1861. Not only clothes are to be seen here, but also accessories and underwear in the vitrines on the sides of the rooms.
In the rooms 1-3 are Clothes from the 18th Century; rooms 4-10 contain Clothes from the 19th Century and are frescoed with Episodes from the life of great artists (Michelangelo, Poliziano, Tasso) painted in 19th Century; the last three rooms are dedicated toClothes and accessories from the end of 19th Century to 1920.

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