Gallery of Modern Art


Tourist informations
Entrance from: Pitti Palace, Piazza Pitti 1.
Opening hours: 8,15AM-6,50PM. Closed on Monday
Admission ticket: Euro 8,50. Ticket is valid also for entrance to the Palatine Gallery.

The Gallery of Modern Art of Pitti Palace offers a complete panorama of Italian and European painting in 19th Century throught its 2000 artworks.
The most important collection of the Gallery is the one including paintings by Giovanni Fattori and other Tuscan artists of the Macchiaioli group.

History - In the spotlight


The Modern Art Gallery was established in 1860 at the second floor of Palazzo Pitti, in the rooms once occupied by the Medici's Palatine Library.
The structure of the Gallery was first modified in 1918 and subsequently in 1972-79, when all the rooms were fully restored and decorated with furniture from the years in which the Gallery was founded.

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 In the spotlight

The Gallery includes 30 rooms arranged in chronological order. Among the many paintings and sculptures one can note:
In the Rooms 1-12 are Paintings of the later 18th Century by Pompeo Batoni and Sculptures by Antonio Canova (including Napoleon's bust in Room 2);
In Room 13 is exposed a Self-portrait by Giovanni Fattori (1825-1908), the most famous of the "macchiaioli" painters;
Room 14 is dedicated to the so-called "School of Staggia", the Tuscan group of landscape-painters established in 1854 by the Livornese artist Serafino de' Tivoli;
In the Rooms 16-18 we can admire the most important artworks of the Macchiaioli: among them, Battle at Magenta and Rotunda Palmieri by Giovanni Fattori and Landscapes by Silvestro Lega (1826-1895);
Other paintings by Macchiaioli are to be seen in Rooms 21-27, where are also exposed some paintings depicting episodes of the Italian Risorgimento.
In the Rooms 28-29 are Italian and European Paintings from the last 19th Century, and in Room 30 are post-impressionist paintings, including some works by Elisabeth Chaplin (1890-1982).

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