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Tourist informations
Entrance from: Piazza Pitti.
Opening hours: Closed for restoration.
Admission ticket: -.

The Museum of Carriages is a lesser-known but interesting Museum located in the right wing of Pitti palace, at the side of the ticket office.

History - In the spotlight


In this museum are collected all remaining carriages used by the Lorraine and Savoia ruling families. The stable was located in the left portico; the right portico, where is located the museum, was the guard-room of the palace.
The restoration of the museum begun in 1988 and lasted several years; it will reopen after the completion of the restoration of the façade and of the whole right portico.

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 In the spotlight

In the museum are collected several carriages and three litters dating from 18th to 19th Century; among them are two carriages of gilded and painted wood (belonging to personalities of the entourage of Ferdinando III of Lorraine) and one enriched with gilded and chiseled silver plates built (end of 18th Century) for King Ferdinando of Neaples and used in 1865 by Maria Pia, queen of Portugal and daughter of Vittorio Emanuele II of Savoy.
To be noted are also the Litter used by Maria Luisa of Tuscany and the so-called Golden Carriage, built in 1816 for Ferdinando III of Lorraine and decorated with gilded plates. This carriage was completely restored in 1992.

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