Companies of Oltrarno: Craftsmen, Shops, Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes, Schools in Oltrarno Craftsmen, Shops, Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes, Schools in Oltrarno


Companies participating to

Filippini e Paoletti
Byzantine Mosaic and Florentine custom jewellery. Piazza Santo Spirito 12.

Arte decorativa
Artisan worksoph for hand made inlaid marble tables decorated in scagliola: working and restoration. Via dei Barbadori 41r.

Ugo Bellini - Cose preziose
Artisan Goldsmither's Workshop Via Sant'Agostino 19r.

Poli Eugenio & C.
Artisan workshop for gilding and making of wooden frames; imitation of antique frames and objects; bespoke design and restoration. Borgo Tegolaio 41r.

Pitti Mosaici
Artisan production and sale of Florentine mosaic. Piazza Pitti 17r.

Roberto Ugolini
Men shoes made to measure. Artisan workshop. Via Michelozzi 17r.

Artisan workshop for artistic wrought iron working. Via San Niccolò 2r.

Omero Benvenuti
Artisan workshop for traditional Florentine marble paper and artistic bookbinding. Via Romana

Stefania Masini
Antique furniture, curiosities from the past, vintage and art creations. Sdrucciolo de' Pitti 21r

Studio S. Spirito
Restoration of porcelains, majolica, terracotta, stone materials, ivory, glass, enamels, scagliole, mosaics, Florentine mosaic in semi-precious stones, marble inlays Via dello Sprone 19/21r

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