Via del Canneto


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Where is it: between Costa dei Magnoli and Costa Scarpuccia.

Via del Canneto is a small, unknown yet pictoresque lane in the quarter of San Niccolò, just two steps away from the Lungarni and Via de' Bardi.



In the present name of this lane is a reminiscence of the time when the nearby river was flanked by marsh with thickets of canes («Canneto»). Via del Canneto changed its name many times: until 15th Century it was called Chiasso dei Bellincioni, after an important family which owned some houses here; then it was Via di Sopra («Upper Street»), and then Via dei Michelozzi and Via dei Bonsi, after the names of the most important families in the neighbourhood.
In the part towards Costa San Giorgio we can still recognize rests of a tower (perhaps of 13th Century) owned by one of the above cited families.

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Via del Canneto is characterized by the crossing arches, which were built to strengthen houses and walls but are very pictoresque.
This is one of the lesser known and most hidden lanes of Oltrarno - only streetlamps and some parked motobike remind you that here time did not stop some centuries ago.

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