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Where is it: in Piazza dei Mozzi, right in front of the Bridge alle Grazie.

Palazzo Mozzi is a good example for a medieval Florentine palace, showing militar as well as civilian elements in its structure.

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This palace was built around the middle of 13th Century as a part of the fortifications guarding the Bridge of Rubaconte (todays Ponte alle Grazie): hence its fortress-like structure.
The family Mozzi was among the most important and powerful families in the city at that time, and many big personalities were received in the palace during their official visits in Florence, for example Pope Gregory X (in 1273). The large garden on the rear of the palace was built in 16th Century, when the Mozzi bought a wide plot of ground in order to transform it into an olive-grove. Around the middle of 19th Century the palace went to the antiquarian Stefano Bardini, who transferred here his collections and laboratories and changed the olive-grove into a garden; he decorated the garden with statues and elements he saved from the demolition of ancient buildings in the centre of Florence. In a subsequent time the garden was futher decorated with a loggia and big stairs.

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After the death of Ugo Bardini, son of Stefano, the palace remained closed for a long time, until it was bought by the Italian State; it is currently under restoration and will become a centre for exhibitions and cultural events.

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 In the spotlight

The palace is currently closed for restoration works. On its side towards Via de' Bardi we can see the tower and a big Coat of arms of the Mozzi family.

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