Gate of San Giorgio
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City Walls
Fortress of Belvedere


Tourist informations
Where is it: at the beginning of Via San Giorgio, in front of the Fortress of Belvedere.

The Gate of San Giorgio stands at the crossroads of Via San Leonardo and Costa San Giorgio, and is flanked by a pictoresque street with city walls.

History - In the spotlight


The Gate of San Giorgio was built in 1324 as a part of the sixth city walls; its design is ascribed to Andrea Orcagna.
Also this Gate was cropped down in 1529, when the imperial army of Charles V approached the city and fortifications were erected in order to sustain the forthcoming siege; in 1590 the new Fortress of Belvedere was built at the side of the Gate.
The Gate and the street departing from it are named after the near church of San Giorgio.

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The outer side shows a characteristic double arch above the front gate; the lunette is decorated with a bas-relief of the 14th Century, Saint George kills the Dragon, by Andrea da Pontedera (it is a copy, the original is exposed in Palazzo Vecchio);
The inner lunette is decorated with a fresco by Bicci di Lorenzo depicting the Madonna in throne with the Child and the Saints Leonardo and Giorgio.

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