Oltrarno's Herald Events, pictures, interviews, news from the quarters of Oltrarno in Florence
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 What's up in Oltrarno

Keep in touch with Oltrarno: on this page you can find news from our Companies, big and not-so-big events in these weeks...

Every month an interview with artisans and other interesting people, a special picture and informations about lesser-known yet pictoresque streets or squares.

What's New

(not only) bicycles!

During World Cycling Championships in Florence from 22 to 29 September, cycling meets cook...>>

Current Events

Antiquarian Market
Antique and vintage objects in Santo Spirito Square...>>

Eighteenth Century. A Selection.
A selection of eighteenth-century paintings from the Uffizi Gallery....>>

From Florence to Europe
Classical Music Concerts in the Sala del Fiorino in Pitti Palace....>>

Endless Darkness of Light
Poetry and Music at the Teatro Goldoni....>>

"Market of Herbs and Tools"
Herbs and Natural Foods in Piazza Santo Spirito...>>

Interview with...

From Architecture to Goldsmithery
We are in Via Sant'Agostino, i...>>

Picture of the Month

Magic on the Facade
This year Santo Spirito Square...>>

Street of the Month

Via Sant'Agostino
Via sant'Agostino is located b...>>

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