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アンティークと骨董品の市場サント・スピリト広場にて。 (2018/01/01 - 2018/12/31) - サント・スピリト地区
詳細 アンティークと骨董品の市場"Mercato di antiquariato e oggetti d'epoca" サント・スピリト広場Piazza S. Spiritoにて。
時間: 毎月第2日曜日。

Eighteenth Century. A Selection.
A selection of eighteenth-century paintings from the Uffizi Gallery. (2018/02/07 - 2018/04/15) - サント・スピリト地区
詳細 Seventeen paintings by Antonio Joli, Giuseppe Maria Crespi, Giovanni Antonio Canal (Il Canaletto), Jean Baptiste Sim On Chardin, François Xavier Fabre, Francisco De Goya Y Lucientes, Thomas Patch, François Rivière, Vincenzo Torregiani, Jean Tienne Liotard.
Where: Palatine Gallery. Entrance from Pitti Palace, Pitti Square 1.
When: From the 7th of February to the 15th of April, 8,15AM to 6,30PM.

Endless Darkness of Light
Poetry and Music at the Teatro Goldoni. (2018/06/03 - 2018/06/08) - サン・フレディアーノ地区
詳細 Performances based on Night Poems by Rainer Maria Rilke. Music by Adriano Guarnieri..
Where: at the Teatro Goldoni, Via Santa Maria 15.
When: from 3rd to 6th June, 8PM.

Galileo's tribune and the Florentine Specola
Anatomical models and ancient scientific instruments (2010/03/20 - 2010/05/09) - サント・スピリト地区
詳細 Wax anatomical models, telescopes and working replicas of ancient scientific instruments in this exhibition at the Museum of Natural History, once observatory ("specola") of Florence.
Where: al Specola Museum, entrance from Via Romana 17.
When: until May 9th. Opening hours: Tuesday-Saturday 9,30AM-4,30PM; Sunday 9,30AM-6PM. Closed on Monday.

From Florence to Europe
Classical Music Concerts in the Sala del Fiorino in Pitti Palace. (2018/02/27 - 2018/03/03) - サント・スピリト地区
詳細 Concerts with music by Florentine and Tuscan composers (Veracini, Boccherini, Cherubini) and by artists related to Flreonce (Rossini, Listz, Tchaikovsky).
Where: in Pitti Palace, Piazza Pitti 1.
When: From the 27th February to 3rd march, 4PM.

?ŮǮ???ɺ?DŽǵ?ɪ?ə?†ŴŶ (2018/01/01 - 2018/12/31) - サント・スピリト地区
詳細 ?ŮǮ???ɺ?"Fierucola degli strumenti e delle erbe" Ǯ???ɺ??DŽDŽǵ?ɪ?ə?†Piazza S. SpiritoŴŶ
Ժ 3

Fanfare and Silence - Primo Conti's paintings through the 20th Century
Exhibition of Works by Primo Conti at Villa Bardini. (2018/09/27 - 2019/01/29) - サン・ニコロ地区
詳細 Works by the painter Primo Conti in the 30th anniversary of his death.
Where: Villa Bardini, Costa San Giorgio 2.
When: from 27th September to end of January 2019. Open 10AM-7PM. Closed on monday.

Zhang Huan. Soul and Matter
Exhibition of contemporary art at the Fortress of Belvedere. (2013/07/08 - 2013/10/13) - サン・ニコロ地区
詳細 The Forte di Belvedere reopens after five years with the exhibition of sculptures by Chinese artist Zhang Huan. The artist works between China and the United States and is famous for his huge works, made of ash and incense, which slowly vanish during the exhibition itself.
Where: at the Fortress of Belvedere, Via di San Leonardo 1.
When: From 8th July to 13th October 2013. Opening hours: 10AM-9PM. Closed on Thursday.

Guided visits to the astronomical Torrino of La Specola museum
Führungen an der alten Sternwarte (2013/02/09 - 2013/12/14) - サント・スピリト地区
詳細 A look at the astronomical past of Florence in a journey between science and art, through very suggestive parts of the Specola museum where valuable instruments are preserved.
Where: at the Museo della Specola, Via Romana 17.
When: (D/M/Y) 09/02/2013; 09/03/2013; 13/04/2013; 11/05/2013; 08/06/2013; 13/07/2013; 10/08/2013; 14/09/2013; 12/10/2013; 09/11/2013; 14/12/2013. Guided tours at 10,30AM and 11,30AM.

Masterpieces from the Museum d'Orsay
Impressionists and other French artists of the nineteenth century. (2013/09/23 - 2014/01/05) - サント・スピリト地区
詳細 On show twelve paintings of the Impressionist period on loan from the museum d'Orsay: two paintings by Edgar Degas, two by Claude Monet, two by Cézanne, two by Camille Pissarro, one by Paul Guigou, two by Pierre-Auguste Renoir.
Where: Gallery of Modern Art, Pitti Palace, Pitti Square 1.
When: from 23th September 2013 to 5th january 2014. Opening hours: 8,15AM-6,50PM. Closed on Monday.

Aperitif and music at Villa Bardini
Concert with Aperitif by the Conservatorio Luigi Cherubini (2013/09/12 - 2013/11/19) - サン・ニコロ地区
詳細 Quartets of young students of the School of Music of Fiesole and other groups of musicians alternate in concert with a program that ranges from Beethoven to Debussy, in the beautiful Villa Bardini with the park on the hill, the Baroque staircase, caves and a magnificent view on the city.
Where: Villa Bardini, Costa San Giorgio 2.
When: (D/M/Y) 12/09/2013; 24/09/2013; 01/10/2013; 22/10/2013; 05/11/2013; 19/11/2013. Concert at 5,30PM; aperitif thereafter.

(not only) bicycles!
Cycling meets cooking in a series of meetings and exhibitions at Cuculia Ristorante Libreria (2013/09/22 - 2013/09/29) - サント・スピリト地区
詳細 Exhibitions of paintings and photographs, meetings, creative cuisine during the World Cycling Championships.
Where: at Cuculia Ristorante libreria, Via dei Serragli 3r.
When: from 22th to 29th september.
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