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イベント/特別展 -  コンサート/音楽 -  演劇 -  市民のイベント

Aperitif and music at Villa Bardini
Concert with Aperitif by the Conservatorio Luigi Cherubini (2013/09/12 - 2013/11/19) - サン・ニコロ地区
Quartets of young students of the School of Music of Fiesole and other groups of musicians alternate in concert with a program that ranges from Beethoven to Debussy, in the beautiful Villa Bardini with the park on the hill, the Baroque staircase, caves and a magnificent view on the city.
Where: Villa Bardini, Costa San Giorgio 2.
When: (D/M/Y) 12/09/2013; 24/09/2013; 01/10/2013; 22/10/2013; 05/11/2013; 19/11/2013. Concert at 5,30PM; aperitif thereafter.

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