Church of San Jacopo in Soprarno
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Borgo San Jacopo
Medieval Towers
Old Bridge
Santa Trinita Bridge


Tourist informations
Entrance from: Borgo San Jacopo.
Opening hours: for Mass on Holidays.
Admission ticket: Free.

San Jacopo in Soprarno shows elements from different periods and styles - from Romanesque to Baroque.

History - In the spotlight


The Romanesque church with three naves goes back to 12th Century, but was restructured many times and its original form has been deeply alterated: the façade is characterized by an arcade dating from the same time of the original church, although it was added in 1580 and comes from the Church of San Donato in Scopeto, demolished in 1529 during the construction of fortifications. The bell-tower we see today was built in 1660 by Gherardo Silvani.
The interior was modified in the 18th Century, when the Ridolfi Chapel was demolished with its dome built by Brunelleschi (perhaps it was a scaled-down demonstrative example of the famous Dome of the Cathedral, as Vasari says).

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 In the spotlight

On the façade are notable columns and the architrave with its particular decoration with animal heads;
In the interior: the church has eleven side chapels and is enriched by gilded stuccos; the frescoes on the vault are a work of Vincenzo Meucci; those in the presbytery (Glory of San Jacopo) and behind the main altar were painted by Matteo Bonechi. At the side altars, Paintings by various Florentine artists from 17th-18th Century.

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