Tasso Square
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Tourist informations
Where is it: at the crossing between Viale Petrarca and Viale Aleardi.

Tasso Square, located in the quarter of San Frediano, is characterized by the garden in its middle and the city walls on its western side.



A city gate dedicated to Giano della Bella (Florentine magistrate in 13th Century) was located here, but it was demolished in 19th Century when Florence became provisional capital of Italy.
The resulting square was named Piazza Gusciana, and it was further enlarged in 1913 with the complete destruction of Via San Benedetto and its buildings: the square was then dedicated to the literate Torquato Tasso, but it ramained for a long time unfinished.
It was only in 1952 that the square was completed with the building of the garden in the middle and with the restoration of the towers and the city walls located at its sides.
In Piazza Tasso one can see two commemorative inscriptions: the one is dedicated to the citizens of the quarter fallen during World War I; the other remembers five civilian killed by retreating Fascists in July 1944.
At the corner with Via del Leone and Via della Chiesa is a big tabernacle with a fresco ascribed to Giottino or Nardo di Cione (14th Century), which in 1958 was fully restored and replaced by a copy.

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In Piazza Tasso are also located the buildings of the former Scuole Leopoldine (the public school founded by Grand Duke Leopold II of Lorraine) and church of San Salvatore: the school has been fully restored in the last years, while the former church is often used by the City of Florence for exhibitions and other cultural activities.
The square plays an important role in the life of the quarter, thanks to its garden with sports ground and to its cafes, trattorias and a community centre.

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